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So when built with shared library mode for any DPDK application, one has. either modify Makefile to enable linking with PMD (librte_pmd_ena.so) explicitly for the constructor to work; or mention the desired library as DPDK argument -d librte_pmd_ena.so; based on the comment update, it looks like you are using shared library build.
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AN-500. This application note walks through the process to get started with the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) driver within UHD. Up until now, UHD's only support for networked devices was backed by the kernel's sockets implementation.
The DPDK Kernel NIC Interface (KNI) allows userspace applications access to the Linux* control The components of an application using the DPDK Kernel NIC Interface are shown in Fig. 37.1.Configuration consistency reason: vPC peer-link does not exists. vPC role : none established. Number of vPCs configured : 0.
This document provides an overview of DPDK and steps to configure and troubleshoot DPDK for OVS in NFVIS. DPDK stands for Data Plane Development Kit, is a set of libraries that improves data plane...
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The test configuration consists of 2 machines, Transmitter and Receiver, connected back-to-back using a T6 and ConnectX-4 adapters on both ends. The Receiver is configured with 1 Intel Xeon CPU E5-1660 v2 6-core processor clocked at 3.70GHz (HT enabled) and 64GB of RAM. The Transmitter is using same processor with 32GB of RAM.
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